We put you in total control

Today’s smart buildings can do it all. Temperature, lighting, HVAC, and more are connected to the Internet of Things, allowing for a single interface to monitor or change the status of virtually anything in the building. Grand Valley Automation not only installs these control systems on new commercial facilities and renovations, we also understand how every element works together. Our team of engineers has in-depth knowledge of every single capability and functionality and can program virtually any interaction based on a number of factors.

Are you looking to optimize for energy savings? Reduce your carbon footprint and become greener? Make specific spaces a little more comfortable during certain hours of the day? It takes the GVA team of experts to completely customize your facility. Their comprehensive approach to commercial building controls is as advanced as anyone in the industry, and once the installation is complete, we provide an easy-to-use graphic interface that provides snapshots of every control in the facility.


Control more on the floor

Industrial manufacturing areas require highly specialized and targeted environmental controls. Grand Valley Automation engineers understand every aspect of the HVAC systems in industrial settings, as well as how to best take advantage of every aspect of the system to achieve a variety of goals. From a single interface, we give you the ability to control temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors critical to manufacturing processes. Remotely access and control specific functions such as the heating or cooling of food products, control of valves, air flow, water flow, and more. Grand Valley Automation delivers these advantages to clients requiring sanitation, FDA compliance, and other needs in the following areas:

  • AutoCAD drawings and control panel engineering and fabrication
  • Engineering and integration of Automation, DCS, HMI, PLC, and SCADA systems
  • Data center cooling, monitoring and alarm systems
  • Metering for electrical power, gas consumption, and water and liquids, as well as power monitoring and demand limiting
  • Monitoring, reporting, alarming, and support for environmentally controlled test chambers, FDA compliance, and pharmaceutical system applications
  • Detection, alarm, and ventilation of explosive and toxic gases
  • Instrumentation applications engineering and calibration services
  • Design, installation, and support of process environmental control, process heating and cooling, and refrigeration systems
  • Tank gauging, monitoring, interstitial leak detection
  • Wastewater treatment systems


Safe and sound and completely in command

Without comprehensive building security you can count on, none of your other systems even matter. Protect your people and property by trusting the industry leaders in security automation. Grand Valley Automation gets involved in the early design stages to ensure that all desired security features are integrated, including access controls, surveillance, and intrusion. We work closely with our clients and other vendors to integrate hardware and software that offers a blanket of protection.

You want to be sure only authorized personnel can access your facility. Grand Valley Automation is the high-end security systems integrator you need to install hi-tech access controls and instill confidence. Our experts have experience with everything from standard card access to full biometric access controls, in everything from small businesses to multi-tenant residential buildings. We have worked on one of the only facilities in the Midwest with full Bluetooth employee and tenant access and can also bring new technology to the old-school hardware locks without a complete replacement of what is already installed.


Always keep one eye on your facility, even when you’re not on site. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, during the day or night, Grand Valley Automation can help you get a 360-degree view of your facility. We can program lighting to coordinate with the security system to illuminate areas at certain times of day, and our easy-to-use graphic interface provides full data analytics for facility managers to digest.


We are specialists in helping you keep out any unwanted visitors. After installing everything from motion sensors to window and door status contacts, we also automate contact with the authorities or a private security call center.


Get more green, save more green

Utility costs are a huge percentage of a facility’s operating costs, and with the cost of energy increasing, it’s more important than ever to become as energy efficient as possible. Grand Valley Automation installs reliable, high- performance, energy-efficient systems that allow you to gain more control over your energy usage, regardless of budget or facility type.

Energy Monitoring

Grand Valley Automation power monitoring systems document and report where, when, and how energy is being consumed. Once the current energy usage is determined, it is possible to create a plan for energy reduction and optimization.

Energy Analytics

We offer a series of energy audits that help identify and evaluate opportunities to conserve energy and reduce operating costs while also factoring in your facility’s systems, components, controls, and historic utility data.

Energy Rebates

It pays to get more control over energy usage. Grand Valley Automation can help you earn and apply for valuable rebates based on your energy conservation efforts. Many of our services and equipment upgrades qualify for energy rebates and incentives from utility companies, which can turn into substantial savings, significantly increasing your ROI on certain facility investments. We will help determine if you qualify for a rebate, and even complete the paperwork.


Great service is our greatest innovation

Ask an existing Grand Valley Automation client what they appreciate most about us, and while they will acknowledge our leading-edge technology and responsive installation team, it’s always the ongoing services we provide that put us over the top. Our company was founded as a technical service company and evolved into the building automation provider we’re known as today, but that commitment to unparalleled service is in the DNA of our culture. The best way to constantly stay in touch with us and up to date on all components and software is through our Preventative Maintenance Contracts. PMs provide consistency between the client, the building, and the service tech. Our dedicated service department provides same-day responses, and lightning-fast turnaround in the event of an emergency. To learn more about the details of our various Preventative Maintenance Contracts, click here.

24-Hour Availability

Problems don’t always arise during business hours. In fact, they always seem to pop up at the most inopportune moments. That’s why we rely on a dedicated call center for after-hours issues. If and when you need to reach us, you will be quickly directed to a skilled technician with knowledge about your facility and HVAC system. You won’t find this commitment to 24-hour assistance anywhere else.

Planned Maintenance

The world is changing faster than ever, which makes scheduled software updates a critical part of any facility plan. As part of our preventative maintenance contracts, we will automatically update software to maximize cyber security and ensure that all critical systems are never at risk.

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