Why Grand Valley Automation?


GVA goes above and beyond, offering design-assist to architectural & engineering firms, mechanical contractors, and facilities owners. Our 35 years of wide-ranging experience benefits you with time-proven solutions for unique and complex processes, such as those required for pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. If you are an architectural/engineering firm, GVA wants to make you look good and help you avoid the usual anxiety and headaches.


Our programmers usually work directly with top level decision makers to create superior products, interfaces, and applications. Most of our competitors can only write code for their specific equipment, but we write code for almost any equipment with the ability to merge architectural and know how to code to merge architectural and engineering designs. We can develop programs such as: air handling unit sequencing, snow melt alerts, door locking apps, specific data trending documentation, additional sensors data, and custom GUI controls. We’ve been doing it successfully for companies like yours for over 35 years.


We have an entire team of licensed electricians, specifically trained to install the systems we engineer. A completed project looks as visually appealing as our systems are technically capable. Our ability to complete this part of any project enables us to maintain our expectations of excellence.


We approach every project with the strategy of building a solid, long lasting relationship. Our goal is always to find your best solution. We have a great preventative maintenance program too. Once a project is approved, installed, and working, we know that it’s not the end. If there ever is a problem, we are here to troubleshoot and discover solutions. We don’t point fingers, but embrace the challenge, only wanting to get it done right. Don’t take our word for it. You will find that our reputation says it for us.