Who We Work With

Grand Valley Automation, Inc. has the expertise and experience to work with a variety of clients in a broad range of industries.

In our nearly 35 years of operation, we have performed projects for clients in many regions of the United States. Using our ability to engineer systems to fit any budget and facility type, we have worked with clients both large and small.

From small commercial offices to large industrial/process plants, we can design a building automation solution for your facility.

From Pharmaceutical facilities to industries requiring cleanrooms or other specialty installs, Grand Valley Automation can meet the unique needs for building controls and HVAC in just about any industry.

Offering Integration and Controls for a Variety of Industries

GVA Service Offerings

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Whether you are the building owner, in the IT Department, an Architectural or Engineering Firm, a General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Facilities Director, Custodial Staff, or City Manager, GVA can work with you to determine exactly what solutions you need for your unique building control & automation challenges.

Contact GVA today to learn if we have a service offering for your unique industry!