Stryker House under construction

Project Showcase: The Johnston-Stryker House

Relationship Building at its finest

At Grand Valley Automation, we talk a lot about how the most important aspect of our business is relationship building, and not simply completing jobs. The new Johnston-Stryker House project exemplifies this, as it represents how our industry relationships and working together with Van Dyken Mechanical can lead to a successful, large project and another satisfied client. Grand Valley Automation and VDM carry a reputation for doing great work within the industry, and because of that reputation, the Johnston-Stryker House project came to us.

When GVA started the Stryker House project, the client already had a bad taste in their mouth, having let the previous contractor go. It was of the utmost importance that GVA and VDM (along with the new General Contractor, Falcon Custom Homes) deliver. When Falcon asked us if we could and a way to do something, we put our heads together and found a way to do it.

The Johnston-Stryker House was a large and complex project, with GVA and VDM contributing expertise in a variety of ways. Mechanical and control systems were required for multiple parts of the 10,000-square foot lake house, including complete HVAC systems, snow melt systems, and a custom front-end from GVA. Together, GVA, VDM, along with Ability Engineering, successfully designed a complete HVAC solution for this massive undertaking.

This project was unique in that despite it being a residential home, GVA and VDM utilized a commercial HVAC system to meet the special needs of the project. Several commercial components that would not typically be found on a private home were included in the final design. Integrating a commercial system into a residential home is not without its challenges. Grand Valley Automation was able to integrate several residential and commercial components and systems into one cohesive design that could all be controlled from a central system, rather than several standalone systems. Additionally, the controls system required the use of commercial thermostats, but finding a visually pleasing one for this high-end home was no easy feat.

Integrating the commercial components used by VDM with some of the unique requirements of a residential space was a challenge for Grand Valley Automation, but the result speaks for itself. Direct Digital Control was used throughout for complete access, monitoring, and control of the entire system. In the interest of energy savings, GVA integrated the existing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system into the control system, allowing the cooling systems to run at only the required output for the conditions. As part of the namesake of GVA, a completely custom graphical computer front end was created for ne-tuned system control, as well as a smartphone app for remote monitoring and control.

The Johnston-Stryker House is the perfect example of the unique abilities, commitment, and skill of GVA and VDM to complete any job above and beyond the requirements of the client. Few HVAC companies, if any, can take such a wide range of expertise required for a project like this. Merging commercial systems into a residential application while overcoming the challenges along the way speaks volumes to the capabilities of GVA and VDM. Both GVA and VDM typically stick to commercial projects, but the unique challenges presented by the Stryker House required a level of expertise and equipment beyond that of a typical residential application – which only GVA and VDM could provide. We are proud of our team for yet another successful project and our continued relationship building.