Specialty system Automation

Specialty Systems

The Grand Valley Automation, Inc. team of engineers, programmers, and technicians, design and implement automation solutions for new building construction and retrofits. We can provide any size solution at any level of complexity, from a basic HVAC system, to smart building solutions and specialty systems for heavy process oriented companies like pharmaceutical, industrial, and food & beverage companies.

Data Trending

Pharmaceutical companies rely on us for their FDA required data trending. We integrate all types of sensors, such as temperature and humidity, and our programmers write the programs that define how and when the findings are reported and documented, and make it easy for review and retrieval, if necessary.

Monitor, Control, Notify

We have 35 years of experience designing process heavy systems. GVA understands the complexities and importance of accurate control, monitoring, and time sensitive adjustments. We specialize in the integration of all types of sensors and alarms. We design systems that monitor temperatures, positive and negative air pressure, water and steam pressure, air and water quality, room entries, and we integrate alarms and notifications for “approaching out-of-tolerance” conditions.

GVA Automates Specialty Systems

No two automation projects are the same. Our engineers and project managers can help you identify automation needs, focus on costs, manage complexity, proactively plan for building evolution and change, estimate energy savings, coordinate facility functions, and effectively operate and maintain your automation investment.

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