Power Monitoring / Deman Control

Power Monitoring and Demand Control

With the rising cost of energy and shrinking budgets, facility managers are looking to optimize their buildings even further. At Grand Valley Automation, we offer a complete line of power monitoring and demand control products to reduce your energy expenses.

Power Monitoring Systems

To achieve energy efficiency, power monitoring systems are essential to effectively determine your facility's current energy consumption.

Our power monitoring systems will document and report where the energy is being consumed, when the energy is being consumed, how the energy is being consumed, and what loads are consuming the energy.

Having this knowledge is imperative in devising a plan to reduce the energy delivered to, and consumed by, your electrical system.

Demand Control Systems

Customers who use large amounts of energy not only pay for the energy they consume, but also for the right to have energy capacity available during peak times, called a demand charge.

Typically, demand is calculated in 15-minute intervals. Your highest demand interval in any given month is your peak or maximum demand, which is the basis for your monthly demand charge.

In many facilities, this demand charge can be up to 50% of your facility's energy expenditures.

At Grand Valley Automation, we can install demand control systems that will automate load shedding before your facility reaches its peak demand, potentially saving your organization thousands of dollars per month.