Commercial Building Automation

GVA Building Sensors & Alerts

Buildings are more complex than simple walls and a roof. Many components go into building design and construction, including HVAC, plumbing, and the systems required to monitor and control the various equipment. A crucial component for every building system is feedback: the sensors that monitor building conditions and equipment functioning and then report back to a control interface. The control application can then automatically make decisions based on this feedback, whether that be to adjust certain outputs (like turning on the furnace) or triggering alerts and alarms. Grand Valley Automation also has experience with industries requiring data trending, like pharmaceutical and food process facilities. In these facilities, specific measures are required to be reported and recorded at specific intervals, and GVA can work with the sensors and programming necessary to automate the process. If your facility requires specific monitoring sensors and customized alert systems, contact GVA today!

Some example Monitoring and Alert scenarios include:

Grand Valley Automation can program monitoring and alert systems for just about any scenario in a wide variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food processing, industrial manufacturing, cleanrooms, medical & healthcare, educational facilities, municipal buildings, retail spaces, and more!

Building Sensor Types

Grand Valley Automation has experience installing, programming, and integrating all different types of building sensors and monitoring systems. Additionally, GVA can often get your existing components to work properly by re-programming and re-integrating them into custom programmed control applications. GVA has experience with many building sensors, including:

Equipment Monitoring Alert Types

Any of the above sensors are capable of triggering customized alerts and alarms. GVA can program alerts that notify you in the best, most effective way for your situation. We have experience with the following alert types:

All of our monitoring sensors and alerts can be seamlessly tied in to our custom control applications. Click here to learn more.