Integrated Building Solutions

As a Master Systems Integrator, GVA can turn any size facility into a “smart building,” from facilities with conventional HVAC controls to complex, process-heavy integrations. Whatever your goal, our 35 years of experience, engineers, software developers and technicians can make it happen, and make it simple to monitor and control. We can integrate existing equipment with new, and create custom software solutions and GUIs to achieve any business goal. We have proven ourselves with pharmaceutical, food, process-heavy integrations, as well as manufacturing, educational, and commercial building system-integrations.

Demand Control

With more green initiatives and higher energy costs, demand control makes a lot of sense. Our programs can “learn” the trends and patterns of occupancy of any facility and control the HVAC system to work when and where it needs to. For example: a room only needs to be cooled or heated when your building “knows” that that room is being used. That is based on the usage trends.

Design Build

GVA works with mechanical contractors to develop solutions during the design phase, before construction even begins. We can provide a detailed list to architects and engineering firms before bidding. We can also provide an all-encompassing solution to your facility automation. We can just as easily build a custom system from the ground up for new facilities as we can retrofitting a central station into your existing building.

HVAC Smart Upgrades

Our system controls can manage everything from HVAC, lighting, surveillance, keycard entry, access doors, pressure controls, music, sensors, communications/PA systems, and more. If you are looking to upgrade your HVAC system, you’re designing or engineering a new building, or just need to modernize an aspect of your existing system, you'll be amazed by how smart your building can become. Take advantage of our 35 years of experience, contact GVA today.