Industrial Automation

Industrial / Process Facility Automation

Building automation typically encompasses the control of mechanical, electrical, and hydronic (MEP) systems; however, when dealing with Industrial and Process Facilities, the number of highly complex, integrated systems can be greatly increased.

At Grand Valley Automation, Inc., we are experienced in meeting the building automation demands of even the most complex industrial / process facilities and possess extensive experience in the biotech, food, cleanroom, and pharmaceutical industrials.

Industrial / Process Facility Automation For:

Compliance with Industry Regulations

Industrial and process facilities are unique in their energy and safety requirements, which is why it's imperative to choose an integrator versed in the nuances and complexities associated with an industrial / process facility. 

With Grand Valley Automation, Inc., know that you are in the hands of an experienced systems integrator that will design and integrate a building automation system that both reduces your energy consumption and assists in meeting and complying with individual industry regulatory and safety requirements.