Electric Car Charging Solutions

Electric Car Charging Solutions

The electric vehicle (EV) movement is upon us and the move towards sustainable commuting will be a driving force in the transition to EV's. At Grand Valley Automation, we offer a variety of electric car charging solutions for any of your EV charging needs.

Our electric vehicle charging solutions offer user identification and depending on the application can be provided to users free of charge or as a pay-per-use option. All EV charging stations are installed and maintained by our certified technicians and are accompanied by an energy efficient, smart-grid interface.

Electric Car Charging Options

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Commercial Buildings

Reward your employees who are driving the transition with an EV charging station right at work. Our EV Charging stations not only provide an extra perk for employees and visitors but show your organization's commitment to the environment and energy management.

Fleet Management for Electric Vehicles

The decision to invest in an EV Fleet shows a strong commitment to the environment.  Our EV charging solutions combine both energy management and fleet management services into a single solution.

Thinking of making the switch to EV for your fleet? Contact us today to talk about our Fleet Vehicle Charging Programs.