Commercial Building Automation

Control Systems Integration

GVA Can Integrate Extisting Controls

Do you have a wide variety of controls? Maybe some of them are from older installs, some have been upgraded, and some are no longer working? Whatever your situation, GVA can integrate existing controls, determine which controls may need replacing, and help you to gain control of your current system.

If all of your various HVAC hardware, sensors, alarms, and controls are completely disjointed and not working together, GVA can help you by programming a custom user interface to control your entire system. Better yet, you don’t have to replace everything to get it to work properly again! GVA will work with what you have. Our team of expert programmers are familiar with just about every component out there, and they can figure out how to make it work. If you’ve recently installed new components that aren’t working with your existing controls, let GVA handle the programming to get the new components integrated properly with your current control system.

GVA will also help you to design a plan for the future, including changing out components gradually and identifying the best system upgrades down the road.

GVA Can Reprogram Existing Equipment

Is your old system malfunctioning? It may not need to be completely replaced! GVA has the expertise on staff to re-program your existing components and control systems. Replacing a single component can sometimes be a nightmare, but with GVA we will ensure that it goes smoothly and you retain full control of your entire system.

System Monitoring & Control Integration

GVA can install and program any number of sensors, getting them to integrate perfectly with your existing controls and systems. Sensors can be programmed to integrate with any number of custom alarm and monitoring systems, from data trending, to custom text message or email notifications.

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