Commercial Building Automation

GVA Custom Control Applications

Grand Valley Automation has the programming capabilities on staff to create custom control interfaces for any new or existing equipment. Building systems contain a large variety of controls, components, hardware, equipment, sensors, and monitoring systems. The expert programmers at GVA can take all the different input signals and interpret them into a single visual control interface. Whether you are a property manager trying to regain control of your building, or attempting to manage a highly complex process heavy facility, GVA can program a custom control solution to help you manage your systems.

GVA Programs All Application Types

Custom Control Application Benefits & Features

Custom Interface Alert Integration

In addition to programming a custom control application, GVA can also include various alerts, delivered to you by your preferred method.

GVA Building Sensor and Hardware Integration

Integrating the various hardware, sensors, and monitoring systems into your control applications is also a specialty of GVA. Many facility types, including pharmaceutical and industrial facilities, require unique monitoring and sensor systems that must be integrated into the control interface.

GVA not only creates custom Control Applications, but we also specialize in integrating all of your various components under one control. Click Here to learn more