Calibration Support Services

Calibration Support Services

A building automation system is only as good as the data it receives from its controls and sensors, which is why it is imperative for the system to be operating properly.  Over time, these sensors and controls begin to go out of calibration, or worse yet, completely fail.

Like many preventive maintenance activities, building automation system sensor calibration is easy to put off when staff is busy or the budget is tight. However, false readings and failed sensors can waste a considerable amount of energy and funds as well as produce occupant complaints about uncomfortable or unsafe conditions.

At Grand Valley Automation, Inc., we realize a building automation system is a substantial investment, which is why our calibration support services ensure that your building automation system is properly calibrated and performing as intended.

Reduce Inefficiencies and Improve Your Bottom Line

Using data from sensors and controls, we will calibrate your facility's building automated systems to ensure that your facility is receiving the greatest return on investment possible. 

Regular calibration of sensors and controls will identify inefficiencies in your building automation system, reducing energy consumption and improving your facility's bottom line.

Industry Compliance and Mission Critical Processes

Our building automation system and calibration technicians are also uniquely qualified to provide support for mission critical processes and have provided calibration support across a range of facilities requiring industry specific standards for compliance.