Access Control

Access Control

Controlling access to your facility's critical areas and infrastructure ensures that only authenticated personnel are allowed entrance. While access control systems have been around since the dawn of civilization, the methods have changed, providing facility managers the flexibility, scalability, and reporting capabilities needed to secure even the most mission-critical areas of the premises.

At Grand Valley Automation, our experienced integrators can design and install an access control system that meets your facility's unique needs.

Access Control Systems

IP Access Control Systems

Utilizing your existing Ethernet network, our IP Access Control systems easily integrate with IP cameras used in security and surveillance systems.

Control panels aren't always necessary now with edge-based systems. Our modular IP-based system allows you to add access doors one at a time. Grow your access control systems as needed.

Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

Access your system from anywhere there is an internet connected device. Computer, smartphone, or tablet, you have the ability to secure doors, manage employee access, and control sites remotely. Our IP Access Control Systems even allow you the ability to easily pull reports.